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The Council will protect and, where possible, enhance community facilities and services by:

  1. Protecting and enhancing the vitality, attractiveness and viability of the retail centres in the Plan Area by locating appropriate retail developments in line with Policy CFS/2 – ‘Retail Hierarchy’;
  2. Applying a sequential approach in determining proposals for new retail development in the Plan Area in terms of site selection and the availability of suitable alternative sites in line with Policy DP/6 ‘National Planning Policy and Guidance’;
  3. Protecting the retail offer in Llandudno, and the town centres, by designating primary shopping areas and/or shopping zones in line with Policies CFS/3 – ‘Primary Shopping Areas’ and CFS/4 – ‘Shopping Zones’;
  4. Protecting the retail centre of Llandudno by designating Parc Llandudno and Mostyn Champney’s as retail parks where large format retailing will be concentrated and safeguarded in line with Policy CFS/5 – ‘Retail Parks’;
  5. Safeguarding essential shops selling convenience goods outside Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and the District Centres in line with Policy CFS/6 – ‘Safeguarding of Shops selling Convenience Goods outside the Sub-Regional Centre and Town Centres’;
  6. Protecting and enhancing the attractiveness of shopping centres by only permitting appropriate shop fronts and appropriate shop front security measures in line with Policies CFS/7 – ‘Shop Front Design’,  CFS/8 – ‘Shop Front Security’ and DP/7 – ‘Local Planning Guidance’;
  7. Meeting the community’s need for allotments and safeguarding existing allotments in line with Policies CFS/9 – ‘Safeguarding Allotments’ and CFS/10 – ‘New Allotments’;
  8. Ensuring that new housing development makes adequate provision for the open space needs of its residents, and safeguarding existing areas of open space in line with Policies CFS/11 – ‘Development and Open Space’ and CFS/12 – ‘Safeguarding Existing Open Space’;
  9. Allocating replacement playing fields and new areas of land for open space at Abergele, Glan Conwy and Llanrwst in line with Policy CFS/13 – ‘New Open Space Allocations’;
  10. Allocating land for an extension to the cemetery at Llanrwst in line with Policy CFS/14 – ‘New Burial Ground Allocations’;
  11. Supporting development proposals for new education facilities in line with Policy CFS/15 – ‘Education Facilities’.

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