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  1. Development will only be permitted where it is demonstrated that it is consistent with the principles of sustainable development. All developments are required to:

  1. Accord with national guidance in line with Policy DP/6 – ‘National Guidance’;
  2. Be consistent with the sequential approach to development as set out in Spatial Policy DP/2 – ‘Overarching Strategic Approach’;
  3. Make efficient and effective use of land, buildings and infrastructure by giving priority to the use of previously developed land in accessible locations, achieve compact forms of development through the use of higher densities and be capable of future adaptation in line with Policy DP/2 and other related policies within the Plan;
  4. Conserve or enhance the quality of buildings, sites and places of historic, archaeological or architectural importance in line with Strategic Policy CTH/1 – ‘Cultural Heritage;
  5. Conserve or enhance the quality of biodiversity and wildlife habitats, and safeguard protected species in line with Strategic Policy NTE/1 – ‘The Natural Environment’ and guidance in LDP5 ‘Biodiversity in Planning’ SPG;
  6. Take account of and address the risk of flooding and pollution in the form of noise, lighting, vibration, odour, emissions or dust in line with Policies DP/2 and DP/3 – ‘Promoting Design Quality and Reducing Crime’;
  7. Make efficient and effective use of resources by employing sustainable building techniques, incorporating energy and water conservation measures and, wherever possible, the use of renewable energy, in line with Policy DP/3 and Strategic Policy NTE/1;

  1. Development proposals should also where appropriate

  1. Provide safe and convenient access by public transport, bicycle and on foot minimising the need to travel by car in line with Policy DP/2 and Strategic Policy STR/1 – ‘Sustainable Transport, Development and Accessibility’;
  2. Include measures to manage traffic and minimise congestion arising in line with Strategic Policy STR/1;
  3. Make provision for infrastructure and other public services made necessary by the development, in line with Policies DP/4 – ‘Development Criteria’, DP/5 – ‘Infrastructure and New Developments’ and the Monitoring and Implementation Plan;
  4. Be designed to a high standard, being attractive, adaptable, accessible, safe and secure as set out in Policy DP/3;
  5. Promote sustainable economic development in line with Strategic Policy EMP/1 – ‘Meeting the Employment Need’;
  6. Conserve or enhance the quality of valued open spaces, the character and quality of local landscapes and the wider countryside in line with Strategic Policies NTE/1 and CFS/1 – ‘Community Facilities and Services’;
  7. Take account and address the potential impact of climate change in line with Strategic Policy NTE/1;
  8. Protect the quality of natural resources including water, air and soil in line with Strategic Policy NTE1;
  9. Reduce waste production and manage waste re-cycling in line with Strategic Policy MWS/1 – ‘Minerals and Waste’;

  1. Applicants must submit a Sustainability Statement to demonstrate that principles of sustainable development have been applied in line with the Sustainable Development Supplementary Planning Guidance.

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