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  1. All new development will be of high quality, sustainable design which provides usable, safe, durable and adaptable places, and protects local character and distinctiveness of the Plan area’s built historic and natural environment. The Council will require development to:

  1. Be appropriate to, and enhance, its locality in terms of form, scale, massing, elevation detail and use of materials;
  2. Meet the Council’s approved standards of open space provision and parking, while providing for all ages, accessibility needs, and people with disabilities;
  3. Have regard to the impact on adjacent properties and areas and habitats supporting protected species;
  4. Have regard to appropriate orientation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy  in design, layout, materials and technology in accordance with NTE/7 –  ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies in Development’;
  5. Provide sustainable urban drainage systems to limit waste water and water pollution and reduce flood risk in line with national guidance and Policy NTE/9 – ‘Sustainable Drainage Systems’.

  1. The Council will also seek, where appropriate, to:

  1. Enhance the local character of buildings, heritage and open spaces;
  2. Provide for a compatible mix of uses, particularly in town and village centres;
  3. Incorporate landscaping within and around the development appropriate to the scale and impact of the development;
  4. Integrate with existing routes to provide linked up places connecting with the wider area, in particular public facilities and green transport routes;
  5. Provide developments that offer transport alternatives and promote walking, cycling and use of public transport;
  6. Create safe places through the adoption of ‘designing-out-crime’ principles to provide natural surveillance, visibility, and well lit environments and areas of public movement;
  7. Secure the retention and  enhancement of features of biodiversity;
  8. Incorporate areas and facilities for waste management, rainwater harvesting/storage, grey water reuse and recycling;
  9. Have regard to the Authority’s Road Adoption Guidelines in road design.

  1. The Council will seek the contribution of an agreed percentage of the total development costs for the provision or commissioning of publicly accessible art or design improvement works in accordance with DP/5 ‘Infrastructure and New Developments’ and the Planning Obligations SPG where appropriate to its location and viability.

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