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  1. Development proposals, where appropriate and in accordance with the policies of the Plan and the Council’s Standards and Supplementary Planning Guidance, should provide the following:
  1. Affordable Housing for Local Need;
  2. Safe access from the highway network and enhancement of public transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure;
  3. Car parking;
  4. Safe and secure cycle parking;
  5. Open Space;
  6. Safe and convenient access for all to public buildings and spaces, including those with limited mobility or those with other impairments such as of sight or hearing;
  7. Screened storage of refuse, including recyclable materials;
  8. A design and layout that minimises opportunities for crime;
  9. Financial contributions towards the provision and maintenance of infrastructure, services and facilities required by the development.
  1. Planning permission will not be granted where the proposed development would have an unacceptable adverse impact:
  1. On residential amenity;
  2. From traffic generated;
  3. On archaeological interests and the built form;
  4. On the Welsh language;
  5. On environmental conditions arising from noise, lighting, vibration, odour, noxious emissions or dust;
  6. On ecological and wildlife interests and landscape character;
  7. On flooding and flood risk;
  8. On the best and most versatile agricultural land;
  9. On quality of ground or surface water;
  10. On essential community facilities.

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