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  1. The Council will require the provision of AHLN in new housing development as identified in The Local Housing Market Assessment and the Conwy Affordable Housing and First Steps Registers. New housing development will contribute to delivery by:
  1. Giving AHLN provision a high priority through negotiating with developers to include a minimum 30% AHLN as a provision on-site in all housing developments. In exceptional circumstances, a lower provision will be acceptable where it can be clearly demonstrated and supported by the submission of evidence. Off-site provision or commuted payments will be acceptable for development proposals consisting of 3 or less dwellings, and may be acceptable for proposals consisting of 3 or more dwellings provided there is sufficient justification. It is expected that the AHLN units will be provided without subsidy.  The delivery of AHLN will be guided by Table HOU2a, the Housing Delivery and Phasing Plan and the following hierarchy:

Within the Urban Development Strategy Area a combination of market value and AHLN will be provided on both allocated and windfall sites 

AHLN will be permitted on exception sites adjoining Llanrwst 


Within the Tier 1 Main Villages, a combination of market and AHLN will be provided on allocated and windfall sites. Within the Tier 2 Main Villages, only AHLN will be provided on allocated, windfall and exception sites

Outside Main Village settlement boundaries, as an exception, small scale 100% AHLN will be acceptable on the edge of settlements, giving first priority to Previously Developed Land, to encourage the creation of sustainable communities in line with Policies DP/2 – ‘Overarching Strategic Approach’, and HOU/6 – ‘Rural Exception Sites for Affordable Housing for Local Need. No AHLN need will be permitted outside the settlement boundary of Trefriw due to physical constraints.  Future need in Trefriw will be delivered outside the Plan Area and within the Snowdonia National Park 

iii Within the Minor Villages, single dwellings or small groups of dwellings comprising 100% AHLN only will be permitted on exception sites within, or directly adjoining, the settlement in line with Policy  HOU/6 
iv Within Hamlets, development will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances to provide an individual single justified AHLN dwelling in an acceptable and sustainable location in line with Policy HOU/6’ 
v Within the open countryside, AHLN will be guided in line with Policy DP/6 
  1. Achieving an appropriate mix in terms of housing types and house sizes of AHLN within a development, determined by local circumstances at the time of the submission of a development proposal in line with Policy HOU/4

  1. AHLN units should be fully integrated within a development and indistinguishable from non-affordable housing in line with Policy DP/3;
  2. The Council will seek to achieve higher levels of AHLN on Council owned sites in line with Policy HOU/7;
  3. The Planning Policy Service will seek to establish a County Borough-wide register of land holdings in public ownership for AHLN, in line with Policy HOU/8.

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