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Where a need is identified for a gypsy and traveller caravan site, proposals will be permitted provided all of the following criteria are met

  1. The site must be suitable for this type of use with a realistic likelihood that the site can be developed during the Plan period;
  2. Previously developed land, or vacant land, on the edge of urban areas will be considered before sites in rural locations;
  3. A site allocated for other uses will only be released as an exception where a local housing needs assessment has established a need for a gypsy or traveller site, the need cannot be met in any other way and the scale of development does not exceed the level of need identified;
  4. The site is accessible to shops, schools and health facilities by public transport, on foot or by cycle;
  5. There is good access to the main transport network and the proposed development will not cause traffic congestion and highway safety problems;
  6. The site is already appropriately screened or capable of being adequately screened and landscaped;
  7. The site will have adequate on-site services for water supply, power, drainage, sewage disposal and waste disposal facilities;
  8. The proposal would not be detrimental to the amenity of adjacent occupiers.

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