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The Council will ensure that there is sufficient provision of mineral resources and waste management facilities, while safeguarding the natural and built environment by:

  1. Protecting greenfield land by not permitting new hard rock quarries or extensions to existing quarries;
  2. Safeguarding permitted reserves of hard rock at Penmaenmawr, Raynes (Llysfaen), Llanddulas and St George and additional resources of hard rock extending east of Old Colwyn up to the boundary with Denbighshire;
  3. Designating buffer zones around quarries to protect amenity and ensuring that mineral operations are not unduly constrained by other land users;
  4. Safeguarding sand and gravel resources around Tal y Cafn;
  5. Identifying Llanddulas and Gofer (shown on the Key Diagram) as locations for waste management facilities in line with Policy MWS/7 – ‘Locations for Waste Management Facilities;
  6. Considering the suitability of existing industrial land to accommodate new waste management facilities which are complementary to neighbouring uses in line with Policy MWS/8 – ‘Use of Industrial Land for Waste Management Facilities’;
  7. Safeguarding existing public and private waste management facilities, unless there are exceptional employment, environmental or amenity reasons that would justify their loss in line with Policy MWS/9 – ‘Safeguarding Existing Waste Facilities’;
  8. Meeting future additional need for new waste management facilities in line with Policy MWS/6;
  9. Designating a landfill buffer zone around Llanddulas landfill site to ensure that only appropriate development in this location is permitted;
  10. Ensuring that development addresses the potential for waste minimization by encouraging re-use of demolition or construction waste where appropriate in line with Policy DP/3 and MWS/11 – ‘Construction or Demolition Waste’.

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