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  1. The following resources and related facilities are included within the Safeguarded Hard Rock designation:

  1. The permitted reserves at Penmaenmawr Quarry, including processing areas, railhead and conveyor link;
  2. The permitted reserves at Raynes Quarry, including processing areas and the areas occupied by the jetty and conveyor link;
  3. The permitted reserves at Llanddulas Quarry (outside the area of the landfill site), including the areas occupied by the jetty and former conveyor link;
  4. The permitted reserves at St George Quarry, including processing areas;
  5. Additional hard rock resources extending east of Old Colwyn up to the boundary with Denbighshire, identified on the Proposals Map.

  1. Planning permission will not be granted for any development within the Safeguarded Hard Rock designation which could directly or indirectly harm the long-term viability of working those resources.

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