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  1. Large scale (over 5MW) wind turbine development will be concentrated within the Clocaenog SSA providing:

  1. It is considered acceptable in terms of other Local Development Plan policies;
  2. All details of associated ancillary development are submitted with the planning application as an integral part of the scheme;
  3. Consideration is given to the cumulative impact on surrounding     communities and the wider landscape.  Where the development of a wind farm is considered to have an unacceptable cumulative impact it will be refused;
  4. The development will not lead to  noise levels detrimental to the residential amenity of the surrounding area;
  5. An element of community benefit is agreed at the time of application or before;
  6. Habitat creation or restoration conforms to the principles contained in the Clocaenog Statement of Environmental Master Planning Principles (SEMP) and LDP5: Biodiversity in Planning SPG;
  7. An environmental impact assessment is submitted as part of the application.

  1. Large scale wind turbine development outside of the SSA will only be permitted where it:

  1. Can demonstrate that there is an overriding need or capacity issue which cannot be met within the Strategic Search Area;
  2. Is located in areas proven to be of suitable wind speed;
  3. Meets criterion (1.) a – g above.

  1. Small Scale wind turbine development up to 5MW will be supported where:

  1. It is of a relative scale in terms of energy production to serve the dwelling(s) which it directly serves;
  2. Turbines are a maximum of 15m in height;
  3. It does not compromise the ability of the SSA to achieve its anticipated target of energy production;
  4. Meets criterion (1.) a – g above.

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