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CFS/1 Community Facilities And Services
CFS/3 Retail Hierarchy
CFS/3 Primary Shopping Areas
CFS/4 Shopping Zones
CFS/5 Retail Parks
CFS/6 Safeguarding Of Shops Selling Convenience Goods Outside The Sub-regional Centre And Town Centres
CFS/7 Shop Front Design
CFS/8 Shop Front Security
CFS/9 Safeguarding Allotments
CFS/10 New Allotments
CFS/11 Development And Open Space
CFS/12 Safeguarding Existing Open Space
CFS/13 New Open Space Allocations
CFS/14 New Burial Ground Allocations
CFS/15 Education Facilities
CTH/1 Cultural Heritage
CTH/2 Development Affecting Heritage Assets
CTH/3 Buildings And Structures Of Local Importance
CTH/4 Enabling Development
CTH/5 The Welsh Language
DP/1 Sustainable Development Principles
DP/2 Overarching Strategic Approach
DP/3 Promoting Design Quality And Reducing Crime
DP/4 Development Criteria
DP/5 Infrastructure And New Developments
DP/6 National Planning Policy And Guidance
DP/7 Local Planning Guidance
DP/8 Masterplans And Community Appraisals
DP/9 Colwyn Bay Masterplan
EMP/1 Meeting The Employmenet Needs
EMP/2 New B1, B2 And B8 Employment Development
EMP/3 Safeguarding Existing B1, B2 And B8 Employment Land
HOU/1 Meeting The Housing Need
HOU/2 Affordable Housing For Local Need
HOU/3 Phasing Housing Development
HOU/4 Housing Density
HOU/5 Housing Mix
HOU/6 Rural Exception Sites For Affordable Housing For Local Need
HOU/7 Council And Government Owned Sites In The Plan Area
HOU/8 Register Of Landholdings
HOU/9 Meeting The Site Need For Gypsies And Travellers
HOU/10 Houses In Multiple Occupation And Self Contained Flats
HOU/11 Residential Care Homes And Extra Care Housing
MWS/1 Minerals And Waste
MWS/2 Minerals
MWS/3 Safeguarding Hard Rock Resources
MWS/4 Quarry Buffer Zones
MWS/5 Sand And Gravel Safeguarding
MWS/6 Proposals For Waste Management
MWS/7 Locations For Waste Management Facilities
MWS/8 Use Of Industrial Land For Waste Management Facilities
MWS/9 Safeguarding Existing Waste Facilities
MWS/10 Landfill Buffer Zone
MWS/11 Construction Or Demolition Waste
NTE/1 The Natural Environment
NTE/2 Green Wedges And Meeting The Development Needs Of The Community
NTE/3 New Green Wedges
NTE/4 Biodiversity
NTE/5 Landscape Character Areas
NTE/6 The Coastal Zone
NTE/7 Energy Efficiency And Renewable Technologies In New Development
NTE/8 Onshore Wind Turbine Development
NTE/9 Sustainble Drainage Systems
NTE/10 Foul Drainage
NTE/11 Water Conservation
STR/1 Sustainable Transport, Development And Accessibility
STR/2 Parking Standards Spg
STR/3 Mitigating Travel Impact
STR/4 Non-motorised Travel
STR/5 Integrated Sustainble Transport System
STR/6 Railfreight
TOU/1 Tourism
TOU/2 Location Of New Tourism Development
TOU/3 Holiday Accommodation Zone
TOU/4 Chalet, Caravan And Camping Sites In The Urban Development Strategy Area
TOU/5 Chalet, Caravan And Camping Sites In The Rural Development Strategy Area
TOU/6 Extending The Holiday Season
TOU/7 Tourism And Recreation Development

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