Gypsy and Traveller Site Provision – Call for Sites

Landowners and their agents in Conwy are invited by Conwy County Borough Council to make proposals for potential Gypsy (traveller) sites in the east of the County Borough.

The Council has a statutory duty to meet the needs of the Gypsy Traveller Community and is currently investigating the potential for new sites to fulfil this duty.

Proposed potential sites must have good road access and be located within reasonable distance of local amenities. At this stage there is no guarantee that any proposed site will meet the required criteria and receive the support of the Council, nor is there any undertaking from the Council to purchase a suitable site.

If you wish to propose a site please submit details as outlined below (by 22nd September, 2017)

Note: The Council encourages site submissions using the form and interactive mapping tool below; however, if you wish to submit your site via email or post, please send details covering the questions below along with a site plan (1:2500 or 1:1250 scale map) with the boundary clearly marked and site ownership information to:

Post: Strategic Planning Policy Service, Conwy County Borough Council, Library Building, Mostyn Street, Llandudno LL30 2RP

1. Personal Information

2. Ownership

I am…

Are you the owner of the site?

Are you acting on behalf of the owner?

Are you aware of who holds ownership of the site?

Does the owner, or other owner(s), support your proposal?

3. Site Information

Please draw the site on the map below. First find the area that you are interested in, then select the polygon drawing tool (top-right corner of the interface). Click to draw the first corner of your site, then click at each corner to draw a shape. Finally double-click to finish drawing.

Click here if you make a mistake and wish to delete what you have drawn on the map

Is the site…


Partly Occupied:

Are you aware of any ownership constraints impacting on the site being brought forward (e.g. site relocation, demolition of existing structures, covenants/legal requirements)?

4. Deliverability

Are you aware of any environmental constraints impacting on the site being brought forward? (For example, trees and/or mature hedges on or adjoining the site; Tree Preservation Orders; environmental/wildlife designations; heritage designations; agricultural land classification; land contamination; flood risk designations; pylons or overhead cables; open space designations)

Are you aware of any infrastructure constraints impacting on the site being brought forward? (For example, access from an adopted or unadopted road; existing access routes for pedestrians, cyclists, or public transport; public rights of way; water supply; sewerage; electric and gas supply)

Based on any constraints identified, please indicate the approximate timescale for availability:

Are you aware of any market interest in the site? (For example, is the site owned or under option by a developer; is it currently or has it previously been marketed for development; have enquiries been received?)